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Current and future projects


  • Easier way for users to contribute corrections/material
  • Further integration of data and publications
  • Integration with ORCID
  • SPIRES backend switch-off

Past accomplishments


  • Display of HEPData
  • Integration of more theses
  • Workflow tracking system
  • SPIRES frontend switch-off
  • Improved PDG linking
  • Experimental notes
  • Expanded thesis coverage


  • Improvement of user corrections interfaces
  • Further plot and figure extraction
  • Fulltext search of access restricted content
  • More historical content
  • Author disambiguation, publication list verification
  • Further development of cataloguing tools (citations, author lists)
  • Porting Conferences, HEPJobs, Experiments and HEPNames database


  • Release of INSPIRE for users. New features and fixes are deployed on an ongoing basis.
  • figure extraction from arXiv latex sources
  • stress testing
  • OAI harvesting from external sources
  • Work on author identification system
  • Fulltext upload


  • Construction of tools for INSPIRE staff to maintain and enrich the database
  • Improvement of user interface

May 2008

  • Alpha version of end-user interface complete

Winter 2007/08

  • Completion of initial testing and data mapping

May 2007

  • Initial project concept and planning