INSPIRE High Energy Physics Collection guidelines 

INSPIRE is maintained for the benefit of High Energy Physics professionals engaged in research. To maintain high quality and a strong focus on high-energy physics,  the HEP research collection is actively curated as to the types of content selected as well as its focus. 


Types of content included in the HEP Collection

Core topical areas of the HEP Collection

In addition, we include at our discretion other material relevant to HEP, e.g. works often cited by core HEP articles. But only papers in the core topical areas listed above receive full data curation, including affiliations, keywords, reference extraction and citation counts.


Programmatic harvesting

INSPIRE programmatically harvests content from other information resources that reliably publish high-quality content in relevant areas.  Such harvesting may gather all works provided by an external resource, or only those works which are tagged to indicate their direct relevance to INSPIRE's core topical areas.  In this programmatic harvesting we necessarily rely on the editorial processes of the external resource to provide consistently relevant content, and do not impose our own editorial prerogatives post hoc. Requests to omit individual articles should therefore be taken to the service providing the original content.  Please note that due to this programmatic harvesting, less relevant articles may occasionally enter the collection.


Requests to add content

Please contact us at to add missing works, especially theses.

25 Nov 2013