Experimental Particle Physics

Hua-Zhong Normal U. - Senior, Junior

Field of Interest: hep-ex
Experiment: CERN-LHC-LHCb
Deadline: 2014-05-15 (PASSED)
Region: Asia

Job description:

The Institute of Particle Physics (IOPP) at the College of Physical Science and Technology of Central China Normal University (CCNU) invites applications for a faculty position in experimental particle physics. The appointment will be at assistant/associate/full professor level depending on the qualifications, accomplishments and experiences of the candidate. Successful candidate is expected to have a PhD degree in particle physics or equivalent demonstrating in-depth research experience in physics analysis, detector hardware, and/or computing.

CCNU is home to the Collaborative Innovation Center of Nuclear Matter Science and Key Laboratory of Quark and Lepton Physics of the Ministry of Education of China, carrying out theoretical and experimental research in particle physics and high energy nuclear physics. The main experimental efforts include heavy ion study at RHIC-STAR and LHC-ALICE experiments. CCNU recently extends its physics research program to include B physics study at LHCb experiment. CCNU LHCb group’s main interest is in CP violation and flavor changing neutral current processes, and plays a leading role in the search for new physics in Bs mixing. We are looking for creative people who will strongly contribute to this effort. Candidates will be assessed based on past performance and future potential. No prior experience of working on B physics is required.

CCNU offers generous remuneration package (salary, housing subsidy and compensation for relocation) and start-up fund, commensurate to the level of appointments. CCNU will sponsor application for various talent programs, including the national 1000-talent program, for eligible candidates.

For further questions please contact Prof. Yuehong Xie (yuehong.xie@mail.ccnu.edu.cn).

Interested candidates from all nationalities can send their applications (including CV, list of representative publications, research statement and arrangement of at least three reference letters sent separately) via email to Director of IOPP, Prof. Xin-Nian WANG (xnwang@mail.ccnu.edu.cn).

Deadline for applications: Screening of applications will begin on 15 May 2014 and continues until the position is filled.

Contact: Yuehong XIE
Email: Yuehong.xie@mail.ccnu.edu.cn
Letters of Reference should be sent to: xnwang@mail.ccnu.edu.cn

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