INSPIRE Collaboration Author Lists: creating an author.xml file

Collaboration Author Lists Information and specification for the author.xml file Introduction Providing complete author information upon submission of a document, e.g. to, is challenging, particularly for large collaborations with hundreds or even thousands of authors. Often only the most minimal information about individual authors is transmitted to publication and […]

Connecting ORCID to your INSPIRE author profile

What is an ORCID? Why do I need an ORCID iD when I already have an INSPIRE ID? Creating an ORCID iD ORCID privacy settings Cleaning your INSPIRE profile Claiming your work Connecting your ORCID iD to your INSPIRE author profile Currently, author management (cleaning author profiles, claiming papers, exporting […]

INSPIRE Author list tools

Author identity is highly important in INSPIRE. We manage this by clustering papers into author profiles based on ORCIDs or INSPIRE IDs, if they exist in the paper’s record or, failing that, on simple name string matching. While the ID-based approach works very well, string matching is far less precise […]

Citation metrics

These are descriptions of (and information about) the citation metrics available in Invenio. We currently display the following citation statistics for any group of papers Total number of citable papers analyzed This is simply the number of papers from your search that were counted in the HTML citesummary. This is […]

INSPIRE Content Sources

To achieve its broad coverage of topics of interest to researchers in high energy physics, INSPIRE aggregates content from a very wide array of sources. Here are some of the central resources that are regularly used in INSPIRE’s content acquisition.  It is not an exhaustive list. We wish to sincerely […]

INSPIRE Publications and Talks

Talks, papers, and other places where INSPIRE or related material was discussed The top 40 physics hits of 2012, Symmetry magazine, May 2013. [Link] Talk: How partnership accelerates Open Science: High-Energy-Physics and INSPIRE, a case study of a complex repository ecosystem given by Sünje Dallmeier-Tiessen and Bernard Hecker. OR2013 Prince Edward Island [Link to Summary, […]

INSPIRE Project Overview

CERN, DESY, Fermilab and SLAC have built the next-generation High Energy Physics (HEP) information system, INSPIRE. It combines the successful SPIRES database content, curated at DESY, Fermilab and SLAC, with the Invenio digital library technology developed at CERN. INSPIRE is run by a collaboration of CERN, DESY, Fermilab, IHEP, IN2P3, and […]

INSPIRE Advisory Board

Governance Sabine Crépé-Renaudin (IN2P3) Alexander Kohls (CERN) Heath O’Connell (Fermilab) Kirsten Sachs (DESY) Thorsten Schwander (SLAC) Jian Yu (IHEP) Advisory board Alberto Accomazzi, Project Manager, NASA Astrophysics Data System, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (ADS) John Beacom (Chair), Professor (Ohio State U.) Kyle Cranmer, Professor (New York University) Yonit Hochberg, Assistant […]


We divide corrections into those related to citations and references, and all other issues. Please treat them as indicated below. Non-Citation Issues For corrections other than citations and references, simply email your request to (you can also click the ‘Report metadata issues‘ link at the bottom of INSPIRE search […]

Adding material to INSPIRE

Do you have something that isn’t in INSPIRE? We are interested in maintaining as comprehensive a database as possible in accordance with our content policy. For that reason, we are interested in the following cases: A preprint we have in the Literature database has been published in a journal. If […]