Terms of Use

Use of the INSPIRE service (hereafter “INSPIRE”) denotes agreement with the following terms:

1.     INSPIRE is provided free of charge for educational and informational use.

2.     The contents of INSPIRE will be updated or otherwise modified on a regular basis.  INSPIRE reserves the right to alter or delete information without notice.

3.     All information is provided “as-is” and the user shall hold the INSPIRE collaboration and information providers supplying data to INSPIRE free and harmless in connection with the use of such information.

4.     Users shall respect copyright and applicable license conditions. In particular, reconstructing the fulltexts of articles from snippets is not allowed. Download and use of information from INSPIRE does not amount to a transfer of intellectual property.

5.     Information obtained from the metadata of the INSPIRE HEP collection specified here may be freely reused under the CC0 waiver unless explicitly specified otherwise. With the exception of email addresses whose bulk download is not allowed all metadata of the other INSPIRE collections are available under the CC0 waiver.

6.     Any use of INSPIRE that interferes with its regular operations or violates these terms of use or applicable laws may, at the sole discretion of the INSPIRE collaboration, result in restriction or removal of user access.


Please contact feedback@inspirehep.net if you have any questions or comments with respect to INSPIRE; if you are unsure whether your intended use meets these terms; or, if you seek permission for use that does not fall within these terms.

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